Make an Informed Decision — Insurance for Water Service Lines

Recently, we were made aware that some of our residents have received correspondence in regard to purchasing insurance for your water service lines. A company called HomeServe, which we believe may have changed their name to American Water Resources, has been soliciting South Burlington residents by mail. The offer is to purchase an insurance policy that covers repairs of residential water service lines from the “property boundary to the foundation of your home.” No Endorsement— The company HomeServe DBA American Water Resources is in no way affiliated with the City of…

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Reminders to help prevent frozen water pipes

Avoid frozen and burst pipes

With temperatures now dipping lower, one of the things you need to watch for in your home is frozen water pipes. To prevent water service lines from freezing, consider taking the following actions: Leave a faucet slowly dripping to keep water flowing through the pipe. If water is flowing through the pipe, it is less likely to freeze. The water can be captured in a bucket and used for other purposes around the home like watering plants and washing dishes. Open under-sink cabinets to allow warm air to circulate near…

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