Public Art Proposal: Geese by Sculptor Tyler Vendituoli


Tyler Vendituoli is a metal sculptor and works at Conant Metal & Light. A UVM graduate with a concentration in fine metals and sculpture, Tyler creates unique pieces using a wide variety of materials. Clients have included the Vermont Comedy Club, The Archives, Echo Center, SEABA, Pingala Cafe, Spike Advertising, Burlington International Airport, Washington Park Hotel (FL), and private collectors.

“My work is from my innate curiosities, observations of the world, and my compulsion to explore the capacities of materials, filtered through the lens of my client, so that I can articulate their vision in unexpected, playful and purposeful ways and —
create a piece that is both explicitly mine and absolutely theirs,” Tyler said in his artist’s statement.

The proposal:    Tyler’s proposal is for  5 larger-than-life sized geese, captured in bronze in various stages of activity. Five-feet tall at their tallest points, the geese are meant to be touched and encourage interaction with them. Tyler’s hope is that visitors to the area will interact with the geese, hold them in their memory, and continue to come back to visit. Additionally, there are to be goslings as part of this flock.

Artist’s description:  My intention is to create a lighthearted, playful and enticing sculptural series that interacts with and plays off the natural landscape, and creates a photo opportunity for the community to engage with for generations.

The series will be of several geese, fabricated from squishy geometric planes, creating simplified yet clearly recognizable avian forms. These bronze forms are both modern-looking in their lightly abstracted geometry and timeless in their solid polished bodies, making them clearly of the present, yet relevant in the future.

In my prior sculptural work, I have found that people have a natural connection with animals; creatures embody qualities and characteristics that people inherently relate to.

Given the strolling paths, the ponds, and the importance of the local watershed to the project, the goose was a natural choice to inhabit this landscape. Characterized by their grace, approachable nobility, and flocking lifestyle, I believe geese represent many of the ideals that South Burlington seeks to embody.

In total there will be five adult geese and three goslings. The adults will stand between 48” and 60” high, be approximately 32” wide, weigh several hundred pounds and be securely but discretely mounted into concrete blocks beneath the ground’s surface. Each goose will be set in a dynamic position, creating the illusion that the viewer is seeing the bird frozen in a moment of time. Please refer to the map for their placement and orientation throughout the landscape.

The maquette represents the overall look and feel of the larger pieces. They will be made entirely of silicon bronze, which sets the standard for durability and consistency in exterior metal sculpture. The bronze will be delivered with a pre-darkened finish, in rich verdigris, which will develop highlights where the community rubs their hands along its seams.

In anticipation and expectation of the community interacting with the sculptures, they will be fully welded, ground smooth, and completely polished. This allows children to safely climb up onto their backs to be photographed. As years go by and these children grow up, they may bring their own kids to be photographed on the back of the Market Street Geese,
—creating a South Burlington family tradition.

This proposed public art installation is one of three proposals under consideration by the Public Art Committee, for installation at the Market Street Pond in City Center Park. In April 2017, the Committee will select one proposal to be implemented.

And, they want your input! Just fill out our feedback form and your comments will be shared with the Public Art Committee.


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