New Public Art for City Center – We want your input!

South Burlington’s Public Art Committee has been charged with selecting art for the Market Street Pond. The process began last fall with a call for artists to come forward with their qualifications to produce public art for this location. Seven artists participated and the Public Art Committee has narrowed the proposals to three. They are now looking for your help, before the final piece of art is selected.

All three artists have portfolios of prior public work and are eager to share their ideas for this site. On March 6, prior to Pre-Town Meeting, the artists presented their proposals for art in the park. Additionally, the models of their ideas were on display that evening and are now on display in the lobby of City Hall.

Let me introduce the artists—

Tyler is a metal sculptor and works at Conant Metal & Light. A UVM graduate with a concentration in fine metals and sculpture, Tyler creates unique pieces using a wide variety of materials. Clients have included the Vermont Comedy Club, The Archives, Echo Center, SEABA, Pingala Cafe, Spike Advertising, Burlington International Airport, Washington Park Hotel (FL), and private collectors.

“My work is from my innate curiosities, observations of the world, and my compulsion to explore the capacities of materials, filtered through the lens of my client, so that I can articulate their vision in unexpected, playful and purposeful ways and —
create a piece that is both explicitly mine and absolutely theirs,” Tyler said in his artist’s statement.

The proposal:    Tyler’s proposal is for  5 larger-than-life sized geese, captured in bronze in various stages of activity. Five-feet tall at their tallest points, the geese are meant to be touched and encourage interaction with them. Tyler’s hope is that visitors to the area will interact with the geese, hold them in their memory, and continue to come back to visit. Additionally, there are to be goslings as part of this flock. View the proposal.

Herb is a sculptor who describes his work as “the feeling of a hockey player’s gesture when he scores a goal; a batter celebrating a home run; the raised arms of the referee in football signaling a successful field goal.” He states that some of his work creates an entrance into the landscape, calling your attention to that space. In Japan those structures are called toriis, or gates, marking the entrances to special places. Walking through them becomes a reminder to stop and look. Other work frames the land or water beyond it, holding it visually with a simple shape.

A graduate of Yale University and Indiana University, Herb is a nationally recognized sculptor, with pieces feature in 13 states, DC, and Canada. Here in Vermont, his work can be seen at the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, Karme Choling Mediation Center, Mount Ascutney Hospital, and the Path of Life Garden in Windsor.  A recent article about his work said, “His work is predominately based off natural phenomena, using granite and wood. His pieces experiment wiht weight and balance to convey to the audience a sense of what Ferris calls ‘material-ness’, an appreciation of the components and sum of Vermont’s natural landscape…(it) embodies his own gratitute for land and its beauty.”

The proposal: Herb’s proposal is a sculpture comprised of wood and stone that would be placed in the pond itself. It would rise above the water and would be finished in gold on each end. View the proposal.

Working together, Elizabeth and Andrea have been producing public art for more than 20 years—designing, fabricating, and installing site-specific public art projects of all sizes and budgets.  Both alumni of Cranbrook Academy of Art, their work celebrates the history, the community, and biodiversity of a geographical area, connecting community with nature. Bold, as well as contemplative, respectful of the environment and a focal point, the artwork anchors the viewer to a location. The dynamically patterned artwork, integral with landscape, creates a quiet strength that can be taken in at a glance, or contemplated over time.

“We believe in the effect public art has in people’s lives and its ability to make a space become a significant place. Discovering a visual language that is meaningful while artistically distinguishing and celebrating the vibrancy of the landscape and community is essential to ensuring the work is visually, intellectually, and physically sustainable for visitors passing by and a continual discovery for the local community,” said their artists’ statement.

The duo’s work can be seen throughout Vermont (and other states) in places such as: UVM Medical Center, Vermont Law School, Burlington City Park, Burlington Interanational Airport, as well as in Newport, Montpelier, Isle La Motte, and Danville. Their work is also installed throughout New England, DC, Chicago, Florida, and New York.

The proposal: Surrounding the pond are numerous trees, which would be incorporated into “Echo.” Highly polished stainless steel mirrors would be installed on trees so as to reflect light and movement,  providing an added dimension or perspective on the area. In the areas closest to walking paths, the mirrors would be etched with the verses from a local poet, written about South Burlington. View the proposal.

FEEDBACK. We want your input!
How can you provide feedback? Just fill out our feedback form and your comments will be shared with the Public Art Committee. They will make their selection in April 2017.


The Market Street Pond will be the gateway to City Center Park from Market Street. Work will begin on Market Street and in City Center Park in summer of 2017.

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