Vermont Poet Shares Books She Crafted In Our Library

Vermont poet Terry Hauptman made a gift of copies of her poetry books to the South Burlington Community Library last week. When she lived here in Chittenden County, she would often come to the library to type up her poems, which ultimately were published in one of her published books.

Terry Linda Hauptman is the author of four poetry collections—Masquerading in Clover: Fantasy of the Leafy Fool, with hand-painted plates (Boston: Four Zoas, 1980), Rattle (Tulsa: Cardinal Press, 1982), On Hearing Thunder (St. Cloud, Minnesota: North Star Press of St. Cloud, Inc., 2004), and The Indwelling of Dissonance (North Star Press of Saint Cloud Incorporated, 2017).

We’d like to share one of her poems—

Manicknung: Deep Mountain
                         from On Hearing Thunder, pg. 32 

Deep mountain dreaming the music of winds
The winds of good luck and fortune
Circling with light and care

On Manicknung deep mountain
Green flames of becoming
Blue guitar of gypsies singing
Rain –dreaming
Fragrance of sacred geometry

Nature is a great teacher   the luminous intuitions
In the spirit world are lit up in its wake
The spiral eye tuned to spontaneity
In the nearness of the distance
“Rising up into the descension.”

Terry is also a talented artist, working on large drawings in ink and acrylics she calls “scrolls.” Her work has been shown her in Vermont at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center and “Songline Scrolls” graced the walls of the Robert H. Gibson River Garden, serving as the backdrop for the 2015 Brattleboro Literary Festival.

She has a master of arts degree in poetry from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary arts from Ohio University, Athens. She reads her poetry rhapsodically and exhibits her luminous Songline Scrolls nationally. She has taught world art, poetry, and ethno-poetics, as well as classes in genocide at several universities and workshops.

For many winters she taught poetry at the University of Oklahoma, and at a small college in Minnesota; then the family wintered in Burlington. Now she, her husband Bob, and daughter Kira live in Manchester, Vermont.

Thanks for the gift of your poetry, Terry! Hope you will come back and have a reading soon!

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