I-89 Exit 14 Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Workshop—Output

Last week, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the City of South Burlington hosted a public workshop to explore the needs and improvements for the I-89 Exit 14 Bike/Pedestrian crossing. As you might imagine for one of the busiest areas in the state, this crossing (both east and west over I-89) could use some improvement for many reasons. Attendees were engaged in identifying ideas—broad and specific—that could be useful to prepare options for improved transit for this busy area.

At the end of the workshop, each participant had the opportunity to share what they saw as the best idea presented during the session. Below is a list, in no particular order, of the “Best Ideas.”

  • Focus on connectivity
  • Focus on comfort and safety
  • Look at network holistically to improve travel for all users
  • Recognize the inter-relationships between different users and components of the system
  • Recognize different categories of cyclists (E.g., commute vs recreation; expert vs beginner)Build a new bicycle/pedestrian bridge or tunnel
  • Build a bicycle through lane down the center of the existing bridge
  • Build new exits to access I-89 and relieve congestion near Exit 14
  • Build U-turn at I-189 for access to I-89
  • Build a designated bicycle/pedestrian mezzanine bridge over Route 2.
  • Consider smaller improvements available in short term: traffic calming, police enforcement, distracted driving, maintenance, lane changes
  • City council needs to make biking a higher priority in South Burlington.


There were many comments from participants. Here are some common themes:attendees-at-public-workshop-1-nov-2016

  • A bridge south of the current clover leaf would be great for everyone, at all levels—and connect bike arteries.
  • A big new bridge would be beautiful.
  • Let’s build a separate bridge. Would go out of my way few minutes due to safety.
  • New bridge and bike path on Spear. How long is the timeline for the bridge? Will it happen?
  • Long term: separate bridge. Short term: identify interim improvements.
  • New bridge for long term. For short term, make bike signals on bike lane to activate red light for cars on ramps. Shouldn’t have stop signs for bike lane; bike lanes should be through lanes.
  • Connect Quarry Hill to Market Street for bicycles, pedestrians, transit, and emergency vehicles. Modification for I-189.
  • Recognized back in 1991 that the least safe place for bikes is the cloverleaf. First, implement a U-turn on I-189. Second, build structure for bicycle and pedestrian crossing to Umall over Quarry Hill.
  • SAFETY for UVM students to come into South Burlington. Wherever along the path that is as safe as possible.
  • Most immediate need is to fix connectivity in the corridor. It feels like I’m taking my life into my hands when traveling through there daily.
  • Keep facilities maintained for safety; clear pebbles and other debris from bike lane.
  • Building a new exit (14N) at Dorset Street and Kennedy Drive.
  • Exit 13N.
  • U-turn on I-189. Get traffic away from the Route 2/Dorset Street intersection and Exit 14 interchange.
  • Impressed with the enthusiasm and sentiment expressed at the workshop.
  • This meeting includes a wide cross-section of the community, and we’re ready to do something.
  • Impressed by breadth of interest in total transportation infrastructure for all modes.
  • Whatever facilities are put in place, keep in mind what is used by commuter cyclists compared to recreation cyclists.
  • Solving bicycle and pedestrian problems can also help other traffic issues, emergency vehicles, cars, and regional commuting.
  • Express lane for cyclists between East Avenue and Dorset Street.
  • Struck with how interrelated everything is. Complexity of changing stream of cars to allow for bicycle and pedestrian safety. Everything is connected. There are spots to work on, but it is a bigger issue than only making the bridge safe for bicycles and pedestrians. Lots of little pieces.
  • Hinesburg Road cloverleaf. Some kind of short term solution for the interchange. Jersey barriers to semi protect bikes.

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts about this study, please take our survey: http://bit.ly/2eIPwT6. 

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