I-89 Exit 14 Bike/Pedestrian Crossing Workshop—Output

Last week, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the City of South Burlington hosted a public workshop to explore the needs and improvements for the I-89 Exit 14 Bike/Pedestrian crossing. As you might imagine for one of the busiest areas in the state, this crossing (both east and west over I-89) could use some improvement for many reasons. Attendees were engaged in identifying ideas—broad and specific—that could be useful to prepare options for improved transit for this busy area. At the end of the workshop, each participant had the…

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South Burlington Weekend Wrap Up

Autumn park

What a weekend!  First, the weather—a beautiful Saturday with temperatures in the 60s. followed by the sharp decline in temperature and falling snow. This is fall in Vermont! Hope you were able to get out and enjoy our City this weekend—whether a walk on one of our many trails, a bike ride on the recreational path, or playing in the falling snow. Don’t forget that our parks are open for the winter, with limited facilities—but a great place to get out and enjoy the outdoors.   FAMILY BINGO NIGHT There…

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My leaves have fallen…Can they get picked up?

The changing of the seasons from fall to winter is a colorful time. We enjoy a good walk in the crisp air with leaves crunching under foot. Our kids love piling up the leaves and jumping in them. We stuff them into scarecrows and bags that look like giant pumpkins. But, as November comes to a close, cleaning up leaves and yard debris for winter becomes a priority. As you rake leaves, prune shrubs, and collect broken limbs, the perennial question comes forth—what do I do with it all? Compost…

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writing inside VT— Fall Read-Around

A few weeks ago, I attended the Fall Read-Around held at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility. The event is held annually and organized by writinginsideVT, a program of the South Burlington Community Justice Center. It was a rainy, dark evening when I walked up to the jail and buzzed to be admitted. This was my first entry into the facility and every facet was new to me—from removing most of my layered formal work attire such as my scarf, jewelry and watch, and suit jacket to the succession of electronically controlled…

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Generous Gift to SBPD for Life-Saving Equipment

Chief Whipple accepting donation

Today at Community Bible Church in South Burlington, the congregation began its service as it usually does—with song. Among the members finding their seats and voices were South Burlington police officers, including Chief Trevor Whipple. There were several officers in attendance and all were asked to come to the dais for the presentation of a donation to the South Burlington Police Department. Pastor Mike Kriesel spoke of the work that the SBPD do everyday to keep our city safe. While he was speaking, two of the officers were called out…

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Strong Public Endorsement for City Center

City Center

Tonight, the results are in. Article I on the ballot—City Center Phase I: Public Infrastructure—passed! This result will kick off the TIF District and the projects proposed. Please view the statement from Helen Riehle, City Council Chair: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s69xsepbh0qm8wq/Election-Web-Passed-High.mp4?dl=0 Thank you, South Burlington voters! The investment is City Center is ready to begin.    

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Fire Dept Gets In on the Action – Halloween 2016

Our South Burlington firefighters were also out for the Halloween festivities. Fire engines rolled into neighborhoods and firefighters handed out candy. Their offerings seemed to appease the many characters out for the night—including adorable lions! Check out their photos below. Click to view them in higher resolution.  

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SoBu Business Association (SBBA) Gathers at Fire Station 1

Chief Brent presents to SBBA

This morning, dozens of members of the South Burlington business community met at Fire Station 1 on Dorset Street. The South Burlington Business Association (SBBA) met for their regular meeting. The guest speaker was Fire Chief Doug Brent, who presented an overview of the services that the fire department provides, information about public safety, and answered questions. The SoBu Fire Department has been the recipient of numerous awards, as a leader in their field—recent recognition was shared. The meeting took place in one of the truck bays, where SBBA members…

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South Burlington police aid ghosts, goblins & princesses. The good guys were at it again on Halloween night. Beginning at about 6:30 pm on Monday night, South Burlington police cruisers rolled into city neighborhoods. They found blood-thirsty vampires, scary witches, and hungry zombies.  There were beautiful princesses, swashbuckling pirates, and ghostbusters covered in ectoplasm. And, they were all looking for Halloween treats. South Burlington police officers set up candy distribution stations, and began handing out sweet loot.  In the days leading up to Halloween, the Youth Services officers assisted in…

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